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Engineering drawings

Our engineers will provide comprehensive engineering drawings to broadcast industry standards. As a company we pride ourselves on the standard of documentation that we provide.

Fibre splicing

We have two teams of engineers equipped with fusion splicing equipment, available to install and repair fibres at any venue. Whether your requirements are part of a major installation or a rush repair, we are able to provide support. Our experience covers all types of fibre including the SMPTE HD camera fibres.


Our wiremen are skilled in all aspects of broadcast wiring, ranging from installations within sports venues to full broadcast production systems.


TTL Video undertakes a long term commitment to all our installations. We are always keen to ensure that the systems we install operate reliably, fulfil the production requirement and return the initial investment. We will provide any level of support, from phone advice to a full on-site maintenance contract, depending on the requirements of the end user.

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