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The key to planning a successful project is achieving the optimum combination of resources, timescale, cost and supply-chain management. We pride ourselves on our ability to think strategically, proposing solutions that fit the realities. It is important to establish the key goals of a project, to prioritise the essential from the "nice to have".


TTL Video offers consultancy expertise for both engineering and production requirements, proposing technically efficient solutions that also address the full parameters of the end user. Our early involvement in a project can help ensure that the capital investment is returned in cost effective and efficient facilities.


Our design engineers will work on all stages of a project. Their detailed knowledge of broadcasting hardware and production techniques will benefit the project as a whole.

Project management

The results are only ever as good as the team that manages the project. TTL Video has project managers who are skilled in all areas of broadcast venue technology ranging from full outside broadcast cable installations at a new venue through to the detailed design of a control room and the distribution network for a television channel.

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